Prehistoric 1.0

Help the caveman get rid of this weird little round creatures! (See all)

This entertaining game brings us the funny character of a caveman who has a huge wooden club. He will have to kill the not too harmful little balls. These little balls carry a small bone on their heads, recreating the fictional ornaments used on the caveman's age.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your caveman. One very important thing you should know is to never confront the little balls directly, they're not innocent and will cause great damage quickly, it's definitely not a good idea. If you do that most likely you'll die after a couple of hits.

Despite carrying such a big wooden club, the caveman never uses it to destroy his enemies. Instead you must jump to hit the bricks under the enemies, this will disable their attacks and put them into a harmless state, then approach and throw them off the game area.

There are several special items that will appear on the level, after you grab them use the space bar to use them.

Help the caveman get rid of this weird little round creatures!

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Helps a bit against stress


  • Turns boring after a couple of hours
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